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Happy Notes!

  • BHLDN-Anthropologie-Wedding_9326

    How To Be Happy

    I’ll save you some time… Happiness is homemade. It can’t be “found” so stop searching. I used to tell myself things like, “One day, I’ll be happy if only I…” Make the…

  • Style

    Fun for your Feet: Pom Pom Gladiator Sandals

    I’m an art lover… That’s why pom pom gladiators absolutely captivate me… It’s like wearing a vibrant painting on your feet! It brings the fun. Here is a visual tour of…

  • Graham and co faith christian blog

    The Captain…

    I love the image of an airplane runway at night. The lights are God’s word, our steadfast guide that hasn’t & won’t ever change. The darkness & fog is like all Earth’s…

  • be the kind of love that twirls the world

    The Love that Twirls The World

    When you choose to radiate love and joy… The rest of the world will have no choice but to take notice. Become addicting by simply choosing goodness and love. It is irresistible…

  • Graham and co preppy fashion

    Chambray Charmed

    I’m all about comfy, casual outfits that have lots of cheer, pep, & make me smile!  Now don’t cry… But this Lilly Pulitzer skort SOLD OUT! We’ve linked more of our…

  • House Party: Pops Of Pink

    First Apartment Essentials

    When you move into your first apartment, it’s ALL YOURS! Everything in sight must be cared for and organized because life is simply easier that way. We talked to a few…

  • Crushing on a crimson cape

    Crushing on a Crimson Cape

    A while ago I was shopping online for some necessities at Target. Then I came across the dresses (my go-to uniform) and saw the most magnificent cape dress I’ve ever seen for…

  • Lifestyle

    Classic Spring Fashion

    When spring comes around, all the classic pieces that bring our wardrobe wishes to life are re-introduced to the light of day. We strive to match the blooms around us and collide…