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  • Valentine's Day DIY

    Valentine’s Day DIY!

    IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR, Y’ALL!!! Gathering these Valentine’s Day DIY ideas are sparking our excitement… We’re throwing a party up in here & want you to come along & maybe use…

  • Wedding Planning 101
    DIY Lifestyle Style

    Wedding Planning 101

    You just got engaged… CONGRATULATIONS! A million things are going through your mind… “WAIT. A. MINUTE. I’m going to be a wife!!! I’M ENGAGED! YAYYYYY!!! OMGOMGOMG I’m so happy! Rest of…

  • grahamCo Shopping Guide

    Under $100 Winter Essentials!

    Some GOOD stuff in here, y’all! We’ve gathered the best under $100 winter essentials that you’ll likely LOVE for a chic winter! Banana leaf yoga mat? Check… Tassel/pom pom accessories for your…

  • chilly-weather-cold-winter-wish-list-inspiration-board-guide

    Chilly Weather Must Haves

    When the weather gets chilly, it’s important, nay, VITAL to keep your warm neccessities on deck! These are our favorite chilly weather must haves. BaubleBar Bubble Earrings Barrington Gifts Tote CHANEL…

  • Engagement Photo Session 101

    Engagement Photo Session 101

    Caroline, here! It really is true when people say take in every second of being engaged because it flies by. Zack and I have been engaged for a little over two…

  • Faith


    The other day I was in church and thinking about anxiety and how stressed/imprisoned/held back it makes me feel in life, I felt God simply ask, “Have you given it to…

  • Faith

    Comparison: The Thief of Joy

    Teddy Roosevelt said that “comparison is the thief of joy” And he didn’t even live in our highly tech-dependent age where everything is about images. We compare how well we look…

  • house-party-whimsical-wallpaper0
    Home Lifestyle

    House Party: Whimsical Wallpaper

    Barefoot BlondeSociety SocialSugar and Cloth i Suwannee I love the more exciting murals – especially on a statement wall or room filled with light. Shop these inspired ones below: The Pink…

  • pink-christmas
    Home Lifestyle

    Pink Christmas: Trees

    I’m Dreaming of Pink Christmas And the most beautiful Christmas trees that eyes have ever beheld… Classy ClutterDesign Love FestPhoto: Emily Henderson Don’t forget Mini Christmas Trees! Not just for Charlie Brown……

  • pink-christmas-decor-holiday-preppy-pretty.jpg1
    DIY Lifestyle

    Pink Christmas: Decor, DIY & Crafts

    We’ve rounded up some amazing Pink Christmas Crafts for you to do when fun family time rolls around… Click the pics to see more from these beautiful DIY-ers! YUMMIES Tell us…

  • house-party-flawless-fireplaces0
    Lifestyle Style

    House Party: Flawless Fireplaces

    If I were to be by one of these flawless fireplaces, I know the dialogue would go something like this…. I really can’t stay… Baby it’s colddddddddd outside! But look at this…

  • pink-preppy-table-top-table-scape
    Cooking Lifestyle Style

    Preppy Tabletop Perfection

    Fall is here! As is the newly emerging art of a popup tabletop! Brilliantly designed by our favorite Preppy Etsy gal, Preppy Paper Girl! Laurie collects vintage tabletop finds and pieces…