Oh So Lovingly Wedding: Budgeting and Venue Selection

Hi lovelies! We’re bringing you the next part in our Wedding Planning 101: Budgeting and Venue Selection!

Spending thousands of dollars on an event that lasts a few hours… But it’s also the most important day of y’alls lives as you and your hubby become one! Things get tricky when it comes to finance and your wedding. You’ve spent hours on Pinterest finding every little detail you want at your wedding. Great! But, when you see the price tag, it may not be realistic. For example, if you bought 20 items that were $50-70, you just spent about $1,400 on things that people aren’t even going to notice (bouquet ribbon wrap, expensive shoes, etc.).

“You can 50 dollar yourself to death,” mothers wisdom at its finest. 

After purchasing the first thing for our wedding, I started a budgeting list. I itemed every item/payment I plan on making so I can keep track of every dollar & dime I’m spending on Zack & I’s wedding. 

You’re going to be so proud of yourself if you come in under budget after you say your “I Do’s!” Do yourself a favor and don’t go for all the fluff. Instead, decide to make something else important more of an impact or serve hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour! Those are the things your guests will walk away remembering. Not whether you had fancy $500 shoes on. Face it, no one will even see them….

Thank you Southern Weddings for making my organized heart so happy with this incredible planner! Y’all, this planer is no joke. If you’re in need of one, look no further than the best of the best! NOW, for the biggest part of planing a wedding, other than saying “I Do,” is picking your venue. I’m sure most of y’all had places in mind like I did before you got engaged. Here’s a list of what you need to do when looking and booking a venue for the big day:

  1. Schedule a visit with all potential venues
  2. Come prepared with a list of everything you’re wanting in a venue (Do they have their own caterer, how many hours will you have, can you have sparklers, etc. *you can find a list of questions below for your convenience)
  3. Check if they have your date available
  4. Which venue offers more?
  5. Which is located around hotels for your guests?
  6. Which venue is closer to the church? (unless you’re planning on getting married at the venue)
  7. Check on the deposit
  8. Book your favorite/dream reception and/or ceremony venue!!!!


  • Do you have a caterer? If no, what caterers can we hire?
  • How many hours are included?
  • Do you provide floor-length table linens? (Trust me, you don’t want to see the table legs in your wedding photos…rent these babies if they don’t provide them)
  • What’s on the menu? What can we potentially serve?
  • Cost per head, and does that include service charge and tax?
  • Can we have sparklers for our exit?
  • Any restrictions we need to be made aware of?
  • Is there a place for my husband and I to have dinner just the two of us before our introduction?
  • Do you have a list of potential vendors (florist, music, caterer, bakery, etc.)
  • Can we add on time the night of if people are having too much fun? (Zack and I both do not want to rush off because everyone we love will be in one place at one time and we’re going to enjoy it, prosecco in hand!)
  • Is there a place where the bridal party can get ready before?
  • Any hidden fees we need to know? (Valet, cake cutting, etc.)


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