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Happy Notes!

  • House Party: Pops Of Pink

    First Apartment Essentials

    When you move into your first apartment, it’s ALL YOURS! Everything in sight must be cared for and organized because life is simply easier that way. We talked to a few…

  • Crushing on a crimson cape

    Crushing on a Crimson Cape

    A while ago I was shopping online for some necessities at Target. Then I came across the dresses (my go-to uniform) and saw the most magnificent cape dress I’ve ever seen for…

  • Lifestyle

    Classic Spring Fashion

    When spring comes around, all the classic pieces that bring our wardrobe wishes to life are re-introduced to the light of day. We strive to match the blooms around us and collide…

  • Valentines Day Must Haves

    Love Is In The Little Things

    Love is in the little things. Growing up, my mom always made sure that each detail was special. Each meal was an event, each holiday was a delicate delight with a…

  • How To Be Happy: Happiness is a Choice

    The Blessing of Unconditionally Surrendering to God

    There’s nothing to obstruct God’s plan when we’re completely surrendered to Him in every way. We can expect these 3 amazing benefits of surrender (as summarized by Pastor Charles Stanley): Maximum…

  • Valentine's Day DIY

    Valentine’s Day DIY!

    IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR, Y’ALL!!! Gathering these Valentine’s Day DIY ideas are sparking our excitement… We’re throwing a party up in here & want you to come along & maybe use…

  • Wedding Planning 101

    Wedding Planning 101

    You just got engaged… CONGRATULATIONS! A million things are going through your mind… “WAIT. A. MINUTE. I’m going to be a wife!!! I’M ENGAGED! YAYYYYY!!! OMGOMGOMG I’m so happy! Rest of…

  • grahamCo Shopping Guide

    Under $100 Winter Essentials!

    Some GOOD stuff in here, y’all! We’ve gathered the best under $100 winter essentials that you’ll likely LOVE for a chic winter! Banana leaf yoga mat? Check… Tassel/pom pom accessories for your…

  • chilly-weather-cold-winter-wish-list-inspiration-board-guide

    Chilly Weather Must Haves

    When the weather gets chilly, it’s important, nay, VITAL to keep your warm neccessities on deck! These are our favorite chilly weather must haves. BaubleBar Bubble Earrings Barrington Gifts Tote CHANEL…

  • Engagement Photo Session 101

    Engagement Photo Session 101

    Caroline, here! It really is true when people say take in every second of being engaged because it flies by. Zack and I have been engaged for a little over two…