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First Apartment Essentials

When you move into your first apartment, it’s ALL YOURS! Everything in sight must be cared for and organized because life is simply easier that way. We talked to a few gal pals about this new phase of life that so many of our readers are going through now – combined with our own experience, we formulated a must-have list into three categories: Think, Look, Get! Ready… Set…Apartment essentials home decor GrahamCo


Depending on the floorplan, think about how you will function the best in each space. Where do you usually collect your laundry, where do you do your makeup (by a window or in the bathroom mirror)… Take the guesswork out of how to decorate, trust yourself to make your organization & design work best for you!

COLOR SCHEME! This is crucial. Put together inspiration boards & have a plan of EXACTLY what you want.First Apartment Essentials Home decor grahamCo


I promise if you look around and see what your parents/friends/family already have & aren’t using, they’ll be glad to lend some pieces you may be lacking! You can repaint (gold stain, white, or whatever) pieces you already have and totally transform them.

My mom was ELATED to get rid of some of her pieces that I loved – like a gorg white couch! Ask mom for lamps or frames, the accent pieces, or anything she wants to get rid of. Maybe all you need is a new lampshade or coat of paint for new life to something formerly boring!

First Apartment Essentials Home decor grahamCoGET

The LAST step is buying stuff. This way, you know exactly what you need and exactly where it should go! Here’s a list to get you started <3


HAVE A SEAT… SHOP OUR FAV CHAIRSshop-the-look-fashion-blog

Small kitchen table & chairs – small and versatile enough so they can be moved around for entertaining. This is an apartment, not Thanksgiving dinner – small kitchen tables are your friend. Some of my friends don’t have a kitchen table – just bar stools and a couch!

Necessary Kitchen Nick-Knacksshop-the-look-fashion-blog

Kitchen Staplesshop-the-look-fashion-blog

Living Room:


Captured by The College Prepster

Statement piece for the biggest wall space – usually the living room. I HATE a big empty wall with one little picture… Should be a crime. Gather a bunch of frames to form a gallery wall… Get a mural… ANYTHING! Don’t you realize that otherwise your wall is NAKED!!! XXX rated home, right there… Think of the children!shop-the-look-fashion-blog

A RUnderful Rug!



Don’t have a coffee table? Use 2 ottomans!

Coasters (how about these AH-dorbs acryllic ones? Perhaps THESE stone agate??)! Also, on the subject of entertaining, get Google ChromeCast or Apple TV – don’t get cable… It’s a waste of life & you’ll spend more time with commercials – YUCK


Some people are totally fine without curtains, but if you like privacy (and you like to sleep in), get some nice bamboo blinds. Pick your fav Headboard (no footboard-saves space, just use a frame & donezo!). Get a comforter that matches EVERYTHING, and make sure your pillows coordinate accordingly. Again – you gotta plan the WHOLE THING.


  • Vacuum (can’t use mom’s Dyson anymore!)
  • Chapstick/Vaseline/Moisturizer like rose hip oil… My fav! All the toiletries, you know the rest…
  • Vitamin C, Multivitamins, first aid stuff, Advil, peppermint oil for nausea (don’t get caught without these necessities laying around!)
  • Things you already have like scissors, towels, clothing, warm blankets are all good here.
  • Iron & folding (the minis are my favorite) ironing board. Or just get a steamer and forego the iron!

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