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  • Faith

    Comparison: The Thief of Joy

    Teddy Roosevelt said that “comparison is the thief of joy” And he didn’t even live in our highly tech-dependent age where everything is about images. We compare how well we look…

  • Faith

    All The Single Ladies…

    All the single ladies! All the single ladies… Whether you JUST broke up or you’ve been single for a while, too many women miss out on a season of single-ness that’s…

  • Identity-in-god-how-to-live by-faith

    Identity in God – The Real Fairytale

    The King of the world wanted you for His bride since before the beginning of time.  The God of Heaven, creator of Earth – who breathed the stars in the skies is…

  • Ruffles & Cold Shoulder

    The Beauty of Modesty

    If someone were to suggest wearing a “more modest” outfit or to simply, “cover up a little” – and you’re like me – it might feel offensive. ‘Who are they to…

  • BHLDN-Anthropologie-Wedding_9326

    How To Be Happy

    I’ll save you some time… Happiness is homemade. It can’t be “found” so stop searching. I used to tell myself things like, “One day, I’ll be happy if only I…” Make the…

  • How To Be Happy: Happiness is a Choice

    The Blessing of Unconditionally Surrendering to God

    There’s nothing to obstruct God’s plan when we’re completely surrendered to Him in every way. We can expect these 3 amazing benefits of surrender (as summarized by Pastor Charles Stanley): Maximum…

  • Noah's Ark: Like You've Never Heard

    Noah’s Ark: Like You’ve Never Heard

    Noah built a boat and zoo animals boarded. Then they got off the boat and there was a rainbow. NOPE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I recently did an amazing in-depth study of…

  • doubt-and-fear-advice-wisdom-bible-christian

    How Faith Conquers Fear

    What does your mind plague you with? When fear sets in, we have a tendency to forget what we know to be true and look a different way. Fear often moves…

  • Street Markets of Vienna

    Undeserved Grace: The Friend of Sinners

    “I’m afraid I’m a disappointment to God.” Ever question that? Cuz I do. After all, God is perfect!!! He’s the King. There’s this cycle I go through. Sometimes, when I do something…