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    How To Be Happy

    I’ll save you some time… Happiness is homemade. It can’t be “found” so stop searching. I used to tell myself things like, “One day, I’ll be happy if only I…” Make the…

  • How To Be Happy: Happiness is a Choice

    The Blessing of Unconditionally Surrendering to God

    There’s nothing to obstruct God’s plan when we’re completely surrendered to Him in every way. We can expect these 3 amazing benefits of surrender (as summarized by Pastor Charles Stanley): Maximum…

  • Faith

    Comparison: The Thief of Joy

    Teddy Roosevelt said that “comparison is the thief of joy” And he didn’t even live in our highly tech-dependent age where everything is about images. We compare how well we look…

  • Noah's Ark: Like You've Never Heard

    Noah’s Ark: Like You’ve Never Heard

    Noah built a boat and zoo animals boarded. Then they got off the boat and there was a rainbow. NOPE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I recently did an amazing in-depth study of…

  • doubt-and-fear-advice-wisdom-bible-christian

    How Faith Conquers Fear

    Growing up with anxiety & OCD, fear was hiding around every corner – so I was up at night a lot. My mom has always been a late-nighter & I absolutely CANNOT…

  • Street Markets of Vienna

    Undeserved Grace: The Friend of Sinners

    “I’m afraid I’m a disappointment to God.” Ever question that? Cuz I do. After all, God is perfect!!! He’s the King. There’s this cycle I go through. Sometimes, when I do something…

  • Bible Verses on Fear

    Bible Verses about Fear

    Here are some incredible passages to remind us that God is in control & we can rest in His peaceful presence. We hope that you’ll take these Bible verses about fear with you…

  • why jesus freak is a compliment

    “Jesus Freak” is a Compliment

    I agree, it is a little freaky, crazy, out-there strange, etc. to believe that God is in fact who he says he is. The world is controlled by evil (sounds dramatic…

  • Faith

    Satan’s Favorite Weapon Against You

    This post originally appeared on Desiring God by one of my favorite authors, Jon Bloom Superman is ALMOST unstoppable because he has one vulnerability, Kryptonite. It weakens him and too much of it…